A Letter from the President!

Margaret Kubilins, President, Board of Trustees

January 24, 2022

Dear Friends,

It is with gratitude and honor that I share in signing the agreements with Reverend Nancy Mercurio and Jeffrey King to continue their roles with us as Spiritual Leader and Executive Director for another five years. 

Since September 2020, Reverend Nancy continues to satisfy our spiritual thirst through her weekly messages. She delivers messages that are relevant to our daily lives and inspire us to reach our own potential by drawing from spiritual text as well as her personal experiences. Today was no exception in “Embracing the Power of Now.” Reverend Nancy’s willingness to be open and tell the stories of her personal journey while leading us continues to be very powerful. View it here!

And beyond Sunday services, she leads and supports our mission-centric spiritual center through prayer and activities to serve our community. 

None of this would be possible without the tireless effort from Jeffrey.  He keeps us all moving smoothly in communications, logistics, and broadcasting. His work shows up in many ways from keeping the lights on and monitoring security of our buildings to orchestrating our on-line presence. Our success in keeping access to Unity of Tampa open, either in-person or virtually, is attributable to Jeffrey, and he continually is upgrading and refining the quality of those connections.

We are clearly on a wonderful path for serving everyone and anyone seeking spiritual development and a spiritual community. Our openness to follow divine guidance has led us to today. And as we appreciate where we are today with their leadership, we are grateful for their acceptance of our offer to continue to serve humanity with us. 

In Love and Light ~ Margaret Kubilins, Board of Trustees President

A Special Message from Jeffrey and Nancy

Jeffrey King, Rev. Nancy Mercurio
Jeffrey King and Rev. Nancy Mercurio

We want to thank the Board, Staff and Congregation for the amazing honor of being asked to continue our journey as leaders of Unity of Tampa. While this past 17 months has tested our strength and courage, our Faith has never been stronger.

Being surrounded by the love and support of the incredible leaders on our Board, dedicated Staff, committed volunteers who have worked willingly and tirelessly, and a spiritual community who shows up every week even on cold days, makes serving as leaders so rewarding.

We are grateful to each of you and look forward to what we can build together in the years ahead!

We affirm God’s continued blessings for our spiritual community!

Most humbly, Jeffrey and Nancy

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