Unity of Tampa Round Up

The Unity theme for May was Curiosity Here at Unity of Tampa, we have been most curious to find how we can help others and co-exist while we are also maintaining a physical distance with the coronavirus shutdown. And that has been a challenge for most churches and non-profits, where are mission is to reach out to others, and not to shut ourselves inside. It has been a challenge, and an opportunity at the same time, to develop a program using Zoom service online. And it’s a challenge- a good one- to work to meet the needs of those around…

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The Concept of Prayer

  Some of the ideas that the Fillmore’s had about prayer, the concept of prayer, are relevant to the times we are living in. Just the idea of a virus that may attack our bodies, leaving us weak and subject to a life-threatening illness is a terrible concept. There are many who are filled with fear and apprehension in these times. The Unity Church was founded on the concept of achieving a spiritual link to connect us with God through prayer. The idea is that we can overcome our fears and physical challenges using our thoughts as a powerful tool…

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Loose Lips Sink Ships

This is the fourth in a series of four lessons on developing “A Recession-Proof Life.”