Child of the Living God

Are you a child of the living God? The operative word in this question is the word living. As we are seekers of truth and on a spiritual quest, we ask this question. And the answer must be in the affirmative for all who seek salvation. Yes, we are looking for answers with a living God.

Not a god of stale verses and one with old and outdated ideas and rituals. The living God is one who is walking with us. And is working to heal within us. He (or She) is the God that can abide with us. There are quaint sayings about the god who carries us on his shoulders, who picks up the yoke and allows us to surrender our burdens unto him. That is the sign of a living god, and yet, there is not enough identity in that thought, as noble as it is, that from God we get some kind of signal that will relieve all burdens, and forgive all sins.

We can see that within us, the guilt and the sorrow and the sadness all must be lifted in some form. And how is that to be done, with an almighty yet elusive God who is said to share our burdens? When we look in the mirror and find the soul within, the soul that lurks behind the farthest shadows of the eye, we can begin to understand that God is not there to solve every problem, yet to take those burdens and give us strength to carry on.

How is that to be done? When we read the scriptures, God tells us to lift up thine eyes to the hills – seeking Hope. And he also tells us that we must give up our burdens and cares and let Christ lift up the yoke — lifting our burdens. First, we must step outside of the daily grind that is often the reality of our lives, and look at the Big Picture. And then, we must look beyond… Finally, we can look within our own hearts and find the soul that is within us. The part of God that lives within you is the part of that living God…. We are the inner child who dwells and seeks the living God. There is a purity and childlike innocence of our souls that is looking for goodness and love and warmth. That is the core and essence of the innermost sanctum, and the room where we find our Living God.

We spoke of the Living God. But the Christ within the Living God is an active soul. That is a part of your dwelling that doesn’t sleep. If you seek the Christ within, truly you will not be hungry or lonely or even undecided. The Christ within, which is the Living God, is the best part of us living in us and reaching out to help others, to forgive sins, and to lift us up rather than to bring down the spirit within that flows outward.

Are you a child of the Living God? Ask that of yourself and then look within for the part of you that is still capable of experiencing childlike joy, simple pleasures and experiencing life through the eyes of a child. Those are the parts of you that make up your best qualities. That is the part that shines through in the eyes of the Living God and makes each one of us a child of the Living God.

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