Curiosity-What will the “New Normal” look like?

The natural curiosity of a child is a good way to approach all things…and in this time of pandemic, we are hearing often that we are in uncharted territory. The virus is unknown, and in any other time, it would be an interesting curiosity if we heard of a new virus, and scientists would simply be eager to learn more. But we find at times that we are scared and frightened of this unknown scourge that has wreaked so much havoc and chaos in our society.

Curiosity is still there. But we are wondering now-What will the new Normal look like? How will things be ‘on the other side’ of this global pandemic? Will we emerge better and wiser about future outbreaks? And how will we survive in the short term?

Curiosity is usually something that we embrace. And we should always want to learn new things and seek out different ideas to approach life with energy and wonder. Curiosity is a good thing to always have with us.

And we will continue to affirm that we live in a world of wonderful things. Science has made many things possible for us to know now-things that were not known even 100 years ago in the Spanish Flu pandemic. We know that social distancing and washing our hands will help to mitigate the spread of the virus.And we can know more in a scientific manner about how viruses are spread and their origin. Curiosity is always something we should embrace. And so, with our own lives, we can ask how we will be able to help others. We should be curious to know how other people are handling illness or sorrow and loss. And we should be curious enough, and then empathetic enough, to act on our best instincts as we reach out and help others.

Curiosity did kill the cat in the old saying, but in the same vein, satisfaction brought it back! So for us to retain the childlike wonder and curiosity we seek, we need to embrace our sense of the unknown, even our fears, and we will find that as adults, using patience, prayer, self-knowledge and empathy, we can conquer our fears and embrace the wonder that we find with each new day.


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