Annual Meeting reveals the Present, the Future and the Past!

A time capsule from Horatio Street provided the perfect backdrop for the 1st Annual Meeting at our new location.

Annual Meeting 2022

This year’s Annual Meeting was a huge success with lots of great news including:

A very successful move to our new home at Silver Lake

Steadily rising attendance that is up nearly 200% since our last fall at Horatio Street

Contributions that have increased 55% over the last year

A growing on-line audience that includes 2600 YouTube viewers and a Facebook reach of over 13,500 internationally!

We are eagerly awaiting the summertime arrival of the Youth Education annex, after which we will renovate Fellowship Hall and outdoor spaces.

A Blast from the Past!

This year’s Annual meeting held a special surprise: the opening of a time capsule that had been inserted into one of the walls of the Horatio Street location. It was discovered during the renovation by the new owners, who delivered it to Executive Director Jeffrey King.

The honor of opening the time capsule went to longtime Unity of Tampa member Delores Aldacosta. Dolores remembers when the capsule was secured within a wall during construction at Unity of Tampa’s Horatio Street location in 1996. Little did she know then that she would be the one to open it over 25 years later! Inside were two Sunday bulletins featuring Rev. Ross Goodman, a November 1996 Daily Word, James Dillet Freeman’s poem, I Am There, Unity prayer cards and publications, and other Tampa Unity memorabilia. The discovery has prompted the suggestion that we create a new time capsule for placement in the construction we are planning for the fall.

Delores Aldacosta and Board President Margaret Kubilins contemplate the time capsule

Other business included applauded reports from Rev. Nancy Mercurio and Executive Director Jeffrey King, and the unopposed re-elections of Board President Margaret Kubilins and Alternated Cindy Stump.

Many thanks to all who attended!

Inside the time capsule!

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