Finding Home


Home is a place, the writer Thomas Wolfe said, where you cannot return to find solace. Jesus spoke of being a stranger in his own home. And Dorothy of Oz found that home was a place within her, and there was no other place quite like it!

All speak of the idea in our minds of how we perceive home. More than a concrete brick and mortar dwelling, home is defined as a place in our hearts, and it can and should be a place to find solace and comfort.

The theme for Unity this September is Home. Home is where the heart is, is what the saying tells us. I have often found Home is where you go to relax. It is a place of peace, ideally, and should also be your sanctuary and your home base. When you relax, and are then able to let your hair down, to ‘be yourself’, and not have to worry about outside influences, you can often work easier and sleep sounder. How many of us have heard or felt that when we return home, it’s the only place where we truly can relax?  Many of us find that when we leave home and travel, on vacation or sabbatical or temporary leave, we return wtih a stronger appreciation for the sanctuary and peace we find in our homes.

As we are preparing to leave the physical home of Unity of Tampa, where many have grown up and cherish fond memories from years past, we realize that our church home is surrounding us and also within us.

The Unity Founder Charles Fillmore compares the human experience to that of a seed choosing to live either on barren ground or fertile ground. Fillmore writes:

“…It can lie inert for centuries, like the grains of wheat found in Egyptian tombs, or it can spring into quickening life and bring forth abundantly.”

The Divine seed is something that is planted within us. And we have all heard the parable of planting your seed on fertile ground.  The same applies in our need to build strong foundations in our lives. The idea of home translates to the need we all have for building strong foundations.

As we prepare to move from our Spiritual home here at Unity of Tampa, all of these factors come to mind to tell us that home is found within us, and among us as we continue to grow in spirit and to love one another in hope and in light.

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