New Year’s Eve Burning Bowl

Release whatever is holding you back and open the doors for all possibilities in the New Year!

Join Unity of Tampa’s AMAZING New Year’s Eve tradition of recording on paper what no longer serves us, including anything that is preventing us from moving forward: painful memories, burdens, negative thoughts, etc. The notes are taken outside and set afire in the burning bowl, releasing the past to create a positive path for 2024!

Here’s how the Burning Bowl works:

First, there will be prayer and meditation to help us calm our minds as we allow Spirit to guide us in identifying existing burdens and anchors. Paper and pens are provided to write down the words that come to us about any painful burdens, memories, or negative thoughts and feelings.

Then, we will pray and meditate to call forth our desires for the new year. These are written on separate paper, placed in a provided envelope, and self-addressed. The envelopes will be collected and mailed halfway through the year.

Afterwards, we will move outdoors in silence. One by one, we will toss our written burdens into the fire and release them, watching them disappear into ashes and dust.

Please dress for the outdoors!

Note: There will be no 11 am service. For those unable to attend in the evening, the meditation and message part of the Burning Bowl Service will be live-streamed on our Facebook page.

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