The theme for June: Well-Being


Well-Being is an appropriate and fitting theme for June, as we are still pondering the pandemic and how it will affect our lives forever…as well as the economic well-being of our country. And now, the soul of the nation seems to be on fire, with protests in cities across the nation, and globally. We have a need for healing. Unity was founded by a healer, someone who was healed spiritually, through prayer and the faith she found within her.

We need to channel some of Myrtle Fillmore’s strength as we rise to the spirit of the founders of Unity. Well Being is the goal we seek in spirit, in mind, in body and deep down in our souls. Not simply peace of mind, or a way of thinking about life in general for a time, but a way to convey that spirit, and embody it in our actions.

Well being needs to be a way of life for us. And we somehow must find a conduit to allow the well- being, the thoughts of healing and prayer, of emotional support, to extend to those who are in need of spiritual healing. Some of our brothers and sisters have been broken over time, and may feel that they cannot experience that same mindset.

My grandmother was born at the turn of the last century. She would sometimes say she thought to be born black was the worst possible thing. I always understood that to mean her prejudice and ideas of white privilege were on full display. But through the years I’ve come to recognize, through her own actions, as she was a kind and loving person with a good heart, that she saw the depths, and had seen on display some of the worst parts of humanity and prejudice that existed in her Southern world. Now, I have come to understand she was trying to convey the idea that we simply cannot fathom what it must have been like to be born into that segregated world.

The idea of “white privilege’ is something that many would say could simply be our own thoughts of well-being. And we have been allowed to feel superior, or entitled, simply as members of a racial category. Those thoughts need to be understood as we think about our own future well- being. If those around us cannot heal, we cannot experience the outward and communal grace of feeling well and whole.

The idea of looking inward, and then finding peace with God is part of an overall feeling of wellness. We need to be able to convey that we are ALL children of God, and no one is a light that shines lesser simply because of skin color, or gender, or bank balance or job title. That is the base from which we can begin to experience well being in our community. And this extends to our own commune with God. Through God’s grace, we are all lights that shine brighter in knowing his compassion, his healing hand, and the idea that we are one with God.

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