Unity of Tampa Round Up

The Unity theme for May was Curiosity

Unity church community

Here at Unity of Tampa, we have been most curious to find how we can help others and co-exist while we are also maintaining a physical distance with the coronavirus shutdown. And that has been a challenge for most churches and non-profits, where are mission is to reach out to others, and not to shut ourselves inside.

It has been a challenge, and an opportunity at the same time, to develop a program using Zoom service online. And it’s a challenge- a good one- to work to meet the needs of those around us who may need help, and yet are unable to communicate or define their own spiritual and emotional needs.

Unity has been developing some online guides to help. There are several different online resources at the Unity website. Here are a few:

  • Weathering the Storm: The site has downloadable booklets, videos, meditation guides, and coloring pages for children to help us focus our spiritual needs through this pandemic.
  • Unity online Programs that take you through a process of days can be downloaded and are available to guide you through a period of weeks or months; to help you through the long-term needs you may have
  • Here at Unity of Tampa: The Wednesday Gathering is a place to join friends online each week. For Spiritual growth and peaceful meditation, we offer Dr Dave Trull’s meditation. For thoughtful conversation and exploration of new ideas, Reverend Bob guides us in a weekly conversation. And music director Elliot Dickinson plays us out each week with a peaceful interlude to end the evening on a high note!
  • Our own Prayer Resources: There is a special page on our website to relay to us your prayer requests; and if you would like a scanned Prayer Request sheet, they can be emailed as guides for all who seek prayer and guidance. Our prayer requests are given to the Prayer team at Unity, and then we mail them confidentially to Silent Unity-where the Unity Church will continue to offer up and strengthen your prayers in the silent vigil room. As you know, the Silent Unity prayer room was created by the Fillmore’s and continues to operate at Unity Village in Kansas.

We will offer more opportunities for our friends and followers in the coming months. The vision of Unity envelops us with blessings of opportunities in healthy living, in mindfulness, in spirituality and in connections with ourselves and with God.

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