Thank you to everyone-from the Board of Unity of Tampa

Thank you to everyone who was able to participate in the call on Monday. Your questions were constructive and the outpouring of compassion was generous and strengthening. Unity of Unity Tampa has wandered long enough. It is our time to restore our foundation as a spiritual center to serve others as we thrive spiritually in today’s environment and for decades to come. Namaste  The Board of Unity of Tampa

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The Unity theme for July: Play- I play in the Zone

  For the month of July, the fitting description of the theme of play can be summed up with the old phrase: “All work and no play can make Jack a dull boy.” That was the mantra that was written over and over by Jack Nicholson’s character in the horror film “The Shining”, where the man who was obsessed becomes someone out of character, a type of demon as he loses his focus. For most of us, this time of uncertainty and feeling of losing control of the events in our own lives make the word ‘play’ seem like a…

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Some Guidelines for Reopening from Unity of Tampa

We are pleased to invite our members and guests to worship with us, and as we are opening our doors for the 10:00 am service, here are a few temporary guidelines set up for your safety. For those who would like to continue listening to the livestream on Facebook, we offer that option as well.  Please take a moment to look over the guidelines that we have listed before you visit: Temporary Protocols for Opening   ­Wear a mask or bandana to contain any virus that you may be exhaling. Your mask protects me. My mask protects you. Our facility…

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Who is Steering This Thing?

Have you ever felt like there is something inside that sabotages the good things in life? Rev. Bob Uhlar reveals some questions to ask ourselves in this Sunday Lesson.