Who is Steering This Thing?

Have you ever felt like there is something inside that sabotages the good things in life? Rev. Bob Uhlar reveals some questions to ask ourselves in this Sunday Lesson.

The theme for June: Well-Being

  Well-Being is an appropriate and fitting theme for June, as we are still pondering the pandemic and how it will affect our lives forever…as well as the economic well-being of our country. And now, the soul of the nation seems to be on fire, with protests in cities across the nation, and globally. We have a need for healing. Unity was founded by a healer, someone who was healed spiritually, through prayer and the faith she found within her. We need to channel some of Myrtle Fillmore’s strength as we rise to the spirit of the founders of Unity.…

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Unity of Tampa Round Up

The Unity theme for May was Curiosity Here at Unity of Tampa, we have been most curious to find how we can help others and co-exist while we are also maintaining a physical distance with the coronavirus shutdown. And that has been a challenge for most churches and non-profits, where are mission is to reach out to others, and not to shut ourselves inside. It has been a challenge, and an opportunity at the same time, to develop a program using Zoom service online. And it’s a challenge- a good one- to work to meet the needs of those around…

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