Ceremonies and Sacred Services

We offer weddings, christenings, and memorial services, as well as home, office, and pet blessings, and more!


Unity is a spiritual center where people of all faiths may be married. Click here for more information.

Our minister is available to officiate weddings off-site as well, Email for more information.


A christening is a celebration of the naming of a child and welcoming the child into a spiritual community of love. It is a dedication by the parents to be centered in God while raising the child. It reminds the spiritual community of its responsibility to model and encourage children to discover and deepen their connection to God.

Memorial Services

Saying goodbye to a loved one is a difficult passage; many people want to honor their loved one yet don’t know where to turn. We create a memorial service commemorating the life of those who have passed on. We respect all faith traditions in designing a service that honors the soul of the deceased and comforts the hearts of the living. Off-site services are available.

To learn more about weddings, christenings, memorial services and other sacred ceremonies please contact us.

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