This Sunday, June 4: ‘The Infinite What If’/WakeUp All Is Well ~ Rev. Marcia McCartney

This Sunday we welcome special guest Rev. Marcia McCartney.

Rev. Marcia McCartney

Rev. Marcia McCartney is a licensed Unity Teacher and ordained Unity minister (1999). Presently living in Crystal River, FL, she has served as the senior minister of three Unity ministries located in Chicago, IL; Gainesville, FL and Citrus County, FL. Her passion is supporting humanity in rediscovering the part each of us plays in our Divine Oneness. She is the originator and organizer of Unity’s Planetary Play Day, April 1, 2006 and the Year of Planetary Play, which was named the Noble Purpose Project of Unity World Wide Ministries in 2006. Rev. Marcia is the creator of an alternative ministry based on healing play, laughter and creativity: The Planetary Play Project. (

Please join us THIS SUNDAY in exploring the value of emptiness as an evolutionary tool for the times we are living through.

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